The school is a small close-knit community. It is therefore advisable to inform the school of any illness be it infectious or otherwise upon application for admission. An informed decision can then be taken as to the best decision for the child and the school community. Please inform the school of the contraction of any infectious disease subsequent to admission.

Please note that the school is not equipped to deal with special needs of children. As such we will convey this to you in honest dialogue.


The school staff will use their discretion and take the necessary steps to facilitate treatment of your child. You will be notified of the steps being taken. Costs incurred will be for your account. In the event of the child needing professional help; attempts will be made to notify you before the child is taken for such care. Failing this, decisions in the best interest of the child will be taken.


The school operates on a private school 3-term calendar.

The school will close for all Public and School Holidays.

See attached schedule for provisional dates.


  • TODDLER GROUP - 07.45 TO 12.00
  • PRE-SCHOOL GROUP - 07.45 TO 13.00
  • PRIMARY GROUP - 07.45 TO 14:00 WEDNESDAY 07:45 - 13:15
  • INTRA-MURAL PROGRAMME - 07.45 TO 14:00

There will be staff on duty from 07.15 to 14:15 supervising the children. Please ensure that the children are picked up promptly by 14:00 as there will be no supervision thereafter.

Please follow the sign out procedure with the person on duty. The office needs to be notified if someone is picking up your child other than the approved pick up person.

If you are delayed in picking up, please notify the office for arrangements to be made.


  • Children to wear comfortable labelled clothing and shoes.
  • A spare set of labelled clothing to be packed daily to allow for a change of clothes if necessary.
  • Hats to be packed daily, especially in summer.
  • No costumes to be worn to school.
  • Please check lost property regularly for belongings. Unclaimed items will be forwarded at month end to a deserving charity.
  • These precious items will not have the security they require and are therefore not allowed at school. The destruction or loss of these items leads to much unhappiness and tears.
  • The school must be informed if the child is on any medication.
  • Formal arrangements must be made if school staff is required to assist with administering of medication.
  • Please inform the office and the child’s directress of any allergy problems.
  • Please inform the office by 7:30 of the child’s impending absence.
  • A letter is to accompany the child upon his/her return.
  • A doctor’s certificate is required for 3 or more consecutive days of absence. (Please be informed that this is in accordance with legislation regarding the number of days a child should be at school).
  • Please do not send children to school if they have an infectious illness or are unable to cope for the day.
  • The office will contact you should your child takes ill at school or gets injured.
  • No child will be allowed to leave school early without a signed early leave form (available from the office or directress).
  • Please let us know if you are out of town or of any special circumstance and we will keep a special eye on your child.
  • Please pack healthy lunches in clearly marked lunch boxes and leak free juice bottles.
  • We encourage you to restrict “junk food” in packed lunches.