March 28, 2018

Open Day

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June 2, 2016
lifestylemontessori Visit by Re

Visit by Reptile City

The children in the 3 – 6 year old environment experienced the land of creepy crawlies and reptiles that slithered into their class.  You would not have believed how brave the children were.  They not only got to touch the different reptiles and mammals, but were given the opportunity to hold a few snakes. To have a large snake around your neck is no mean feat. There is nothing more beneficial that concrete learning and experiencing live animals. The exciting news travelled home very quickly and parents queried if the snakes and bearded dragon were real.  Believe me, yes!
June 2, 2016
lifestylemontessori Character day

Character Day

Character Day is motivation to get the children to read.  Too often our children don’t see the benefits of reading for enjoyment as well as gaining access to different kinds of knowledge.  We live in a technological world where the use of electronic devices is part of normal, everyday life.  The love of reading a paperback / book has been replaced.  We are trying to encourage the children to read every day.  Everyone dressed up as a character from a book and they had to be able to tell other children who they were and what role their character played […]
June 2, 2016
lifestylemontessori Mothers Day

Mother’s Day

What is a Mother? Mother  –  Housekeeper  –  Cook Teacher  –  Nurse  –  Coach Taxi Driver  –  Story Teller  – Planner Organiser   –  Decorator  –  Best Friend Worst Enemy  –  Multi tasker  – In short, she’s Wonder Woman!   There is no person stronger, wiser or more dedicated than a Mother.   All the children took great care in making cards and gifts for the special person in their life – their mother.  What a wonderful way to celebrate all that our mother’s do.